22: Conspiracy Theories and NH Law Enforcement

In this episode, Erinn, Ethan, and Scott discuss the nature and origin of some of the conspiracy theories in the case. They highlight what is perhaps the most prominent (and enduring) conspiracy theory, which is that local law enforcement in New Hampshire may have had some involvement in the disappearance of Maura Murray. They also discuss the NH State Police and repeated violations of New Hampshire’s “Right-to-Know” (RSA 91-A) laws – and whether these violations suggest there is a cover-up that is currently on-going.   Official Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/MauraMurray2004/   https://www.the107degree.com/   Erinn @GRLA_Ontologist   Ethan @ryebreadreturns #MauraMurray #JeffWilliams #CecilSmith #HaverhillPoliceDepartment #NewHampshireStatePolice #JefferyStrelzin #TrueCrime #MissingPersons

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