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Truth-Teller Tamice Spencer Signs with KTF Press 

Independent Christian Media Company Signs with Non-profit Leader and Author for her Debut Book

KTF Press LLC, an independent press and small Christian media company, has signed a publishing contract with writer, speaker, and theologian Tamice Namae Spencer. Ms. Spencer is the Founder of Sub:Culture Incorporated, a non-profit established to address the systemic challenges faced by Black college students, and co-founder of the Kingdom Collaborative, an alliance of HBCU campus ministers based in Atlanta. “KTF Press is thrilled and honored to partner with Tamice in bringing this book project to fruition,” commented KTF Founding Partner, Suzie Lahoud. “Tamice is an emerging thought leader in her generation who powerfully critiques the broken theologies prominent in the United States. She provides critical insight into how the church can and should more faithfully reflect Christ. An extremely gifted writer, she weaves her poignant personal story into the broader narrative of American Christianity.”

KTF Press first published Ms. Spencer as a contributor to the 2020 anthology, Keeping the Faith: Reflections on Politics and Christianity in the Era of Trump and Beyond. An excerpt of her essay from that anthology is on her website, along with a curated list of her recent podcast interviews. Ms. Spencer’s book, projected to be published in 2023, will trace her own spiritual journey through deeply personal narrative and theological reflections. Please reach out to media@KTFPress.comfor further press inquiries.

About KTF Press LLC: KTF Press is a small Christian media company established in August 2020 by partners Jonathan Walton, Suzie Lahoud, and Sy Hoekstra. As an independent publishing house, KTF Press seeks to center and elevate marginalized voices. The company also runs a blog,, which features its weekly newsletter; articles from its founders; and a podcast, Shake the Dust.      

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