Changing Seasons

This episode marks the 12th and final episode of Season Two. What a wild, magical, beautiful and tragic year it has been— a season of dramatic change: personally, professionally, spiritually, and as we say in the episode “you are allowed to feel all the feelings”. And we have! With the global pandemic, heavy social movements, politics (in general), adapting to a socially distanced world, it has been a real collective moment of transformation. And behind the scenes, our AMR podcast underwent massive change. Tune in as we  reflect and reveal some big updates over here at AMR!

We’re so proud of Season 2 and we hope you’ll stay with us for Season 3! We love you ????



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Creative Direction and Engineering by Teo Shantz.

Amazing episode art by Ciara Sana.

Editing by Jon Ayon

Introducing Dr. Dr. Desi 

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