Episode C24 - A Kingdom of Sand

Synopsis: Sarduri II rules at the pinnacle of Urartian power, conquering lands from the Black Sea coast to the Zagros Mountains to the kingdoms of northern Syria. Matti’el of Arpad unifies Aramean lands north of Damascus then allies with Urartu against the Assyrians. His defeat by the mysterious ruler of KTK only results in a temporary setback, and an Assyrian Empire pressed on all fronts seems destined for imminent collapse. “I am the ruler Yariri - the prince beloved by the Storm God, Kubaba, Karhuha and the Sun. The gods have made me strong and exalted over Carchemish. I strengthened Carchemish and I exalted my lord’s house in Carchemish. I caused the river to pass (here)…I built the temple of the god of Harmana and I made my own statue...I brought up Kamani as a successor, wherefore I showed virtue above all kings. And I brought up his younger brothers, I let them in as brothers and I extended protection to them, the children of my lord Astiruwa.” – Yariri’s inscription on the Royal Buttress at Carchemish Map of the Iron Age Near East: https://audio.ancientworldpodcast.com/Map_Near_East.jpg Map of Iron Age Northern Syria: https://audio.ancientworldpodcast.com/Map_Syria.jpg Map of Iron Age Southern Syria and Canaan: https://audio.ancientworldpodcast.com/Map_Canaan.jpg Regional Kings List: https://audio.ancientworldpodcast.com/C24_Kings_List.pdf Episode Images: https://audio.ancientworldpodcast.com/C24_Images.pdf References and Further Reading: https://audio.ancientworldpodcast.com/C24_References.pdf Please contact advertising@airwavemedia.com if you would like to advertise on this podcast. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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