What Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics Have To Do With Weight Loss with Dr. Emi Hosoda

Doctor Emi Hosoda is originator of the Youthful Slim Solution, a fat loss solution that helps people achieve the toned, beautiful body they desire as and they look younger, more beautiful and more toned. Doctor Emi helps make weight loss simple by customizing fat loss solutions uniquely to the person. She does this by testing for what makes each of us unique, our unique genes which can control which diet and exercise is best for us, our unique hormone balance, our unique mind body wellness, our unique food sensitivities, our unique intestinal health- all of these factors can hold keys to making weight loss simple.

Doctor Emi also helps makes weight loss a journey in aging in reverse, becoming more beautiful and vibrant as you lose weight by supporting our skin and muscles with proper supplementation unique to your specific needs as you lose weight. Having lost 100 lbs and 15 % body fat by using this specific information to help her after a lifetime of weight struggles, Doctor Emi is passionate about helping others do the same. Getting answers unique to you and finding the root cause of where your struggles with weight came from and how they can best be corrected in a way that is specific to you and no one else.

She sees medicine as a field of service and a dynamic opportunity to help change lives.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What is Nutrigenomics
  • What are natural things you can do to heal
  • Why you need to utilize Nutrigenomics with your health

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