How to Find a Long-Term Relationship: Intention, Skills, and Marketing

We’ve spent a lot of time on Being Well discussing how to improve our relationships - how to navigate conflict effectively, communicate more skillfully, and create a romantic relationship that’s truly fulfilling - but we’ve spent very little time talking about how to get into one of those relationships in the first place.

Today, Dr. Rick and Forrest Hanson talk about how to maximize your chances of finding a fulfilling long-term relationship. They explore how to develop a clear intention of what you want, the key psychological skills that invite a healthy relationship, and how to market yourself authentically while dating.

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Key Topics:

0:00: Introduction

1:55: What supports people in finding a long-term partner?

4:35: Having a clear intention

8:45: Psychological skills to maximize our chances of finding a long-term relationship

12:15: Marketing and sorting through suspects

14:40: Intention expanded

22:15: Psychological skills expanded

22:50: A healthy sense of self worth

26:10: Being aware of your selection biases

29:35: Communication skills

34:30: Seeing the best in one another

37:30: Settling anxious and avoidant tendencies

42:00: Resting in presence with someone

43:15: Not letting the perfect be the enemy of the good

44:25: Marketing explained

55:00: Authenticity

58:20: Recap

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