Jay Rayner hosts this week's culinary panel show from Billericay. Joining Jay are chef Sophie Wright, Catalonian food expert Rachel McCormack, British-Chinese chef Jeremy Pang, and award-winning food writer Melissa Thompson. The panel indulge in a variety of culinary conundrums, from suggestions for dishes you could make with marjoram, to the difference between hard and soft herbs, the panel are here to answer all of your food-based queries. They also answer by far the most important question of all - what ingredients go into making the ultimate fish finger sandwich? Later Co-Founder of Hoyles Honey, Richard Hoyles, gives us an insight into how bees produce honey and answers the question - do bees ever sleep? Producer: Bethany Hocken Assistant Producer: Rahnee Prescod Executive Producer: Hannah Newton A Somethin' Else production for BBC Radio 4

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