Surviving The Game (1994) Film Review

Join Jessie and Jeff as they break down the 1994 film Surviving The Game, starring Ice-T and a host of other great actors. Jessie and Jeff discuss the highlights of the film and give their overall rating for the film.  ***SPOILER ALERT*** Surviving The Game (1994) When Mason (Ice-T), homeless and living on the streets of Seattle, hears about a job as a hunting guide for a group of wealthy clients, he gladly signs on and is taken to a cabin in the middle of a Pacific Northwest forest. There he meets psychiatrist Doc Hawkins (Gary Busey), oil baron John Griffin (John C. McGinley), and Wall Street investor Derek Wolfe (F. Murray Abraham). The next morning, however, Mason is awakened to learn that he's the prey the men will be hunting. --- Support this podcast:

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