Episode 100: How to Train Your Dragon Trilogy Recap

In Episode 100 of The Cinescope Podcast, Chad and Eric Scull talk about one of their favorite movie trilogies - the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy! The Cinescope Podcast on Apple Podcasts Show Notes It’s been a long road to Episode 100 of the podcast, but we made it! Thank you to everyone who has ever listened to or shared the podcast. This is a huge milestone, and while I love doing the show purely on the merits of talking about movies with my friends, having listeners like you who participate in the discussion and reach out makes it even more worth it. THANK YOU. -Chad Shoutout to Anthony K. Valley for the awesome version of the Cinescope main theme heard in this episode!! Contact Eric Scull Twitter (@spielerman) Thank You For Spieling Podcast MuggleCast, a Harry Potter Podcast Chad Twitter (@chadadada) Facebook Letterboxd Crossroads of Destiny: An ‘Avatar: TLA’ Podcast An American Workplace | A Retrospective The Office Podcast Cinescope Facebook Twitter Website Email thecinescopepodcast@gmail.com Note: The iTunes links provided are affiliate links, meaning that when you click on them you help to support The Cinescope Podcast by earning it a bit of money. Thank you for your support! Special Guest: Eric Scull.

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