Dating 101: Green and Red Flags, Your First Fight, Dealing With Rejection

Dr. Rick and Forrest Hanson expand their conversation focused on finding a long-term partner to include what traits to look for, and how to navigate early sticking points. They discuss life growth curves, how to manage early conflict, healthy approaches for dealing with rejection, and how to support those still navigating a difficult search.

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Key Topics:

0:00: Introduction

2:45: Green and red flags to look for in a partner

8:50: Pursuer-distancer dynamic

9:45: Shared growth curves--relationship as a process, not a person

12:50: Riding the river of practical daily life

19:25: Someone who brings out the best parts of you 

25:25: Different kinds of romantic relationships

28:55: Rejection and feeling wanted

30:45: Asymmetry and power dynamics

34:40: Agency within the pain of rejection

40:05: Recognizing self-worth

45:00: Managing early conflict

51:50: The struggle to find a prospective partner

59:40: Recap

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