#276: Gaming on the Road

I was originally going to riff on Ginsberg's Howl, but I confess I had completely forgotten what a monster of a piece it is--redolent in imagery and references that are very much of a time since past. I considered then moving on to Nelson's On the Road Again, and faced the opposite problem--man, that song has some simple lyrics. I guess Shelley and Shakespeare are the sweet spot.

01:24 AYURIS: Praga Caput Regni (Vladimír Suchý, Delicious Games, 2020)

Games Played Last Week:

03:56 -Shadowrift (Jeremy Anderson, Game Salute, 2012)

06:41 -Jetpack Joyride: Deluxe Edition (Michał Gołębiowski, Lucky Duck Games, 2019)

10:18 -Barcelona (Dani Garcia, Board&Dice, 2023)

14:22 -Regicide (Paul Abrahams, Luke Badger, & Andy Richdale, Badgers from Mars, 2020)

17:17 -Project: ELITE (Konstantinos Kokkinis, Sotirios Tsantilas, Artipia Games, 2016)

20:33 -Ready Set Bet (John D. Clair, AEG, 2022)

26:32 -Aegean Sea (Carl Chudyk, Asmadi Games, 2023)

34:52 -So Clover! (François Romain, Repos Production, 2021)

39:02 -Northgard: Uncharted Lands (Adrian Dinu, Shiro Games, 2022)

40:35 -Forest Shuffle (Kosch, Lookout Games, 2023)

News (and why it doesn't matter):

41:39 Borderlands: Mister Torgue's Arena of Badassery looking oddly pedestrian

43:18 Can't Stop! talking about MAGNETS

44:51 Tabletop miniatures games contain multitudes: setting vs. mechanisms

47:58 Topic: Gaming on the Road

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