James Altucher on Accelerating 10,000 Hours to Mastery

Our world is filled with opportunities. We can more easily share our ideas and pursue our dreams. Even though it’s easier than before, the path is still challenging. If you want to pursue your dreams, you’ll enjoy hearing about how you can skip the line. It’s possible to get catapulted to the front of any discipline in an ethical way. James Altucher shares the path we can follow.

James is a successful entrepreneur, angel investor, prolific writer, podcaster, standup comedian, and chess master. He has started more than twenty companies and is invested in over thirty. He is the author of more than 20 books, including the bestsellers The Power of No and Choose Yourself. His writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Observer, Financial Times, Huffington Post, and TechCrunch. He also writes a popular blog and hosts a successful podcast, The James Altucher Show, that has had over 80,000,000 downloads. An eight-episode docuseries based on Choose Yourself was produced by DNA Films and released on Amazon in 2020.

Highlights from our conversation:

  • How to use discomfort and curiosity to produce great work

  • What to think before publishing an article to ensure it’s your best work yet

  • The art of pursuing your dreams and navigating through difficult times


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