The Myth, The Man, The Legend Behind — Ron Jackson

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In today's episode, our guest is Ron Jackson, Founder and Editor of and

Today Ron and I discuss:

  • How careers in journalism, broadcasting, and being a collectibles record store owner led him to discover domain names.
  • Then Ron shares why and how he got his start investing in .US domains after stumbling upon
  • In addition to unveiling his buy-it-now pricing strategy, Ron also shares a few names and recent sales from his domain portfolio and various industries and market segments he invests in today.
  • We also discuss what led to the birth of — The Domain Industry News Magazine.
  • We then talk about important metrics to watch for and use from DNJournal, and domain sales report in general when buying and selling domains.
  • And finally, Ron and I discuss his latest venture — American Domain Names, The .US News and Information Website.

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