Ep 346 - Cannabis Retail Sales Are Expected to Double by 2025, Expert Explains Why

Despite a global pandemic, cannabis is one of the few industries that has grown throughout 2020 and 2021 — and that’s nothing compared to the gangbuster growth expected through 2025. Here to tell us more is Chris Walsh, President and CEO of Marijuana Business Daily. Learn more at https://mjbizdaily.com  Key Takeaways: [1:05] An inside look at Marijuana Business Daily, the most trusted business news outlet for professionals in the cannabis industry [1:41] Chris’ background in business journalism and how he came to be CEO of Marijuana Business Daily [4:04] How cannabis regulations have changed over the last five years and what that could mean for the industry going forward [7:36] Surprising reasons cannabis managed to survive and adapt during Covid-19 [10:51] Why cannabis retail sales could double to put the industry at a 38 to 45 billion valuation by 2025 [13:23] Aspects of the market Chris believes investors and business owners might be underestimating [17:14] Surprising new trends that are quietly taking hold in cannabis right now  [23:43] How more legalization for recreational cannabis could diminish the medical cannabis market [30:24] The last states standing between the US and full cannabis acceptance [34:59] How job growth in cannabis doubled from 2019 to 2021 despite Covid-19’s economic recession and spiking unemployment rates

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