Designer Cannabis Is On The Horizon Thanks To Molecular Science - Encore

It’s no secret that achieving a truly targeted effect is the holy grail of the cannabis industry, but how close are we to making this a reality? Are designer cannabis products on the horizon?  Here to help answer this is Chris Emerson, co-founder and CEO of a unique company known as Level that’s working to disrupt the cannabis industry with products precisely tailored to every individual and every occasion. Learn more at  Key Takeaways: Chris’ background in chemistry and how it led him to the cannabis space An inside look at Level and its mission to provide a tailored cannabis experience to every patient and consumer How Chris’ extensive background in science allows him to think about cannabis products differently than most entrepreneurs in the industry Why Level sources its oils from strains high in CBD, CBG, and THCV and how this enhances the overall effect for consumers Chris’ efforts to find rare and unique cannabinoids for Level’s products and his discoveries to date A deep dive into Level’s tablinguals and pax vaporizer pods Chris’ work at Level determining new uses for cannabinoids, including everything from stimulants to hangover cures New and exciting initiatives at Level and Chris’ insight on what the cannabis industry will look like in the next 5-10 years

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