304: How Money Really Affects Your Happiness, Design Your Lifestyle Through Real Estate

Income over $75K-$95K does not increase happiness.  Earning over $105K actually decreases happiness. This is based on studies from Princeton and Purdue universities. Then what’s the point of building wealth? You get answers. These surveys do not consider replacing your active income with passive income.  Matt Bowles of Maverick Investor Group joins us to discuss: market due diligence, pandemic changes, and how to use real estate to build lifestyle design. We also discuss changes to the rental market from 2007 to today. Ten years ago, you could buy properties for less than replacement cost. No longer. Markets like Phoenix, Dallas, and Atlanta have largely lost their investor-advantaged status. Check out Matt’s podcast, called: “The Maverick Show”.   Resources mentioned: How Money Really Affects Your Happiness: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/26/how-your-salary-and-the-way-you-spend-money-affect-your-happiness.html Maverick Investor Group The Maverick Show: Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc. Remote due diligence: WeGoLook.com NeighborhoodScout.com Mortgage Loans: RidgeLendingGroup.com QRPs: text “QRP” in ALL CAPS to 72000 or: eQRP.co By texting “QRP” to 72000 and opting in, you will receive periodic marketing messages from eQRP Co. Message a data rates may apply. Reply “STOP” to cancel. New Construction Turnkey Property: NewConstructionTurnkey.com Best Financial Education: GetRichEducation.com Top Properties a Providers: GREturnkey.com Follow us on Instagram: @getricheducation Keith’s personal Instagram: @keithweinhold  

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