153: State Of The Real Estate Market, Housing Affordability, Hurricanes

#153: Where are real estate prices headed? I discuss this with Kathy Fettke of The Real Wealth Network. Demand still exceeds supply in many places. But in coastal areas, affordability problems could be a constraint on future appreciation. The latest Case-Shiller 20-City Index shows 5.7% year-over-year housing price growth. Though this is surely an imperfect metric, it is a historically sustainable growth rate. It is also supported with responsible lending. Kathy a I have each invested through the 2008-2009 Mortgage Meltdown and Great Recession. We discuss how that shapes our investor behavior. I also discuss how natural disasters like hurricanes can pummel those that have a lot of equity in their properties. I bring you today’s show from Punta Gorda, Belize. Want more wealth?   1) Grab my free newsletter at: GetRichEducation.com     2) For actionable turnkey real estate investing opportunities: GREturnkey.com   3) Read my new, best-selling book: GetRichEducation.com/Book Listen to this week’s show and learn: 01:05  Hurricanes: how to protect your real estate. 05:33  When a loan is made, the borrower is in more control than the lender. 10:14  Supply vs. Demand. 12:56  Builders aren’t building the most in-demand housing types. 13:20  Housing Affordability Index (HAI). 16:07  30-40% of the USA is overpriced. 60%+ is not. 18:28  Annual price appreciation is 5.7% per the latest Case-Shiller numbers. 20:05  Recency bias. 25:25  Holding Kathy a I accountable for what we said 19 months ago. The Fed, Trump. 31:25  Higher interest rates? Apartment buildings will be riskier than single family homes. 34:55  Best places for real estate investors today. 38:32  Texas. 41:02  More renters and fewer buyers mean that new RE investors are needed. 44:17  Trump will protect the mortgage interest deduction and 1031 Exchange. Resources Mentioned: RealWealthNetwork.com RidgeLendingGroup.com NoradaRealEstate.com GetRichEducation.com GREturnkey.com

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