30: How To Talk Like An Investor – Vocab. Rehab. #3

#30: What do common investor vocabulary terms mean and why do they matter to you? Listen to this week’s show and learn: 01:19  Get Rich Education has a new Android App at Google Play. 01:36  Why Keith sold stock when the SaP 500 Index was at 1,960 points. 03:05  SaP 500 Index and Dow Jones Industrial Average. 05:29  Why your local real estate team is often biased and cannot impartially serve you. 08:42  Why you want to build streams of income, not pools of cash. 10:32  Why real estate is not an “alternative” investment. Stocks are. 12:05  A damaging hail storm occurred in Dallas - a popular RE investor market. 14:57  International Coffee Farms and the benefits of diversifying in real assets internationally. 21:05  Hyperinflation. 22:50  Leverage, Leverage Ratio. 25:10  Title Insurance. What is it? 26:40  Value. The acronym D-U-S-T: Demand, Utility, Scarcity, Transferability. 30:32  How sharing Get Rich Education with others ultimately helps you.   Resources mentioned: International Coffee Farms website E-mail Coffee@GetRichEducation.com and provide your contact info. for a generous discount on this investment, only for Get Rich Education listeners. You aren’t obligated to buy anything. Investopedia.com GRE has a new Android App. Download it at Google Play!

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