5 Game Changing MaA Deals of the Last Decade

MaA deals are usually ignored, or sometimes even openly mocked, but it can lead to an earnings and revenue renaissance. Did you spot these? (4:00) - Facebook's Acquisition of Instagram (8:50) - Gilead Buys Pharmasset for $11 Billion (13:05) - Disney’s Acquisition of Marvel and Star Wars (17:25) - Grubhub Purchase of LevelUp (25:05) - Microsoft’s Buys Github for $7.5 Billion (34:40) - Honorable Mention: Other MaA To Watch (Time) - Episode Roundup: GILD, DIS, FB, GRUB, MSFT, AMZN, CVS, INTC, CRM, NVDA Podcast@Zacks.com

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