319 | Toxic Hustle Culture

Joshua and Ryan discuss the pros and cons of hustle culture, and they answer the following questions:

Do some people claim they’re busy to be envied for being in demand? (01:01)

What is the difference between “hurry” and “hustle”? (05:46)

How do you define “productive”? (06:45)

What is the fatal flaw of hustle culture? (08:51)

How can we break free of hustle culture? (13:31)

How do you appropriately address burnout with yourself or an employer before it reaches the point of no return? (17:07)

How do I set appropriate boundaries in my profession? (19:45)

After leaving an extraordinarily stressful career, how do I resist the temptation to take on another one for “success” and wealth? (25:53)

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