High Cholesterol Freaks Doctors Out, Use this ApoB Test Instead

Standard lipid panels are actually mathematical approximations. Emerging data suggests using the very affordable ApoB to ApoA1 ratio more accurately assess cardiometabolic disease risk.

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Time Stamps

0:45 ApoB why it’s more accurate

1:30 High LDL on a ketogenic diet

2:24 Heart disease deaths increase in the winter

2:59 High LDL after fasted exercise

4:50 What ApoB means and why it matters

7:15 Why Omega-6 seed oils are bad if your LDL is high

9:11 Request your ApoB to A1 ratio instead

9:38 Standard cholesterol tests are a mathematical estimate

12:06: HDL and ApoA-1, how it’s cardioprotective

12:45 Harvard case study of LDL increases on a Keto diet

19:25 Advanced lipoprotein particle testing overview

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