9 Powerful Reflection Questions for 2021

The new year begins next week, now is the time to reflect on everything that has happened in your life in 2021. In this episode, Jay Shetty shares 9 questions that you can use to reflect on the past, to show up as your best self in the future. There’s no need to wait for New Years to become a new you.

  • 00:23 Live from Jay's childhood home & what it feels like to be back home
  • 01:24 The importance of reflection around the holidays
  • 03:00 Question #1 - What made you feel most happy this year?
  • 06:54 Question #2 - What made you unhappy this year?
  • 09:54 Question #3 - What was the biggest lesson you learned this past year?
  • 11:58 Question #4 - What do you wish you would have done more of this year?
  • 13:46 Question #5 - What's something you want to do less of next year?
  • 14:50 Question #6 - What was your biggest success this year?
  • 18:27 Question #7 - When was a moment you failed this year?
  • 20:24 Question #8 - What is something you want to learn next year?
  • Question #9 - What is your favorite way to refuel?

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