#278: Ending Games Early

Walker and Huey voted to end the game early, but there were then procedural questions as to whether that warranted a runoff in the French Presidential style. Chip III repeated his preference for a ranked-choice voting system, but he couldn't decide whether his second choice was a single transferable vote or first past the post. Meanwhile, Mark gerrymandered the rest of the table into one sprawling district, and made three new districts intersect at his spine so he got three votes to everyone else's collective one. He moved, seconded, and veto-proofed a motion to the effect that everyone else should stop talking.

00:59 AYURIS: Cryo (Tom Jolly & Luke Laurie, Z-Man Games, 2021)

Games Played Last Week:

03:23 -The Witcher: Old World (Łukasz Woźniak, Go On Board, 2023)

11:55 -My Father's Work (T.C. Petty III, Renegade Game Studios, 2022)

15:09 -City of the Great Machine (German Tikhomirov, CrowD Games, 2023)

20:47 -Gang of Dice (Reiner Knizia, Mandoo Games, 2022)

23:10 -Tinderblox (Rob Sparks, Alley Cat Games, 2020)

24:29 -Cat in the Box: Deluxe Edition (Muneyuki Yokouchi, Bézier Games, 2022)

28:23 -Just One (Ludovic Roudy & Bruno Sautter, Repos Production, 2018)

33:49 -Deception: Murder in Hong Kong (Tobey Ho, Grey Fox Games, 2014)

40:32 -Jenga Maker (Uncredited, Hasbro, 2022)

48:14 -My Island (Reiner Knizia, KOSMOS, 2023)

News (and why it doesn't matter):

53:28 New Can;t Stop is being published by Tanuki Games (magnetic enclosure!)

54:17 MicroMacro: Crime City - Showdown

55:07 Barrage: New Lands on Kickstarter; new maps

55:36 Planta Nubo by Keller, Odendahl, and Rosenberg

55:56 Apiary by Stonemaier; yet another missed zombibees opportunity

56:52 Battlecrest Year Two by Button Shy 

57:37 Topic: Ending Games Early

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