244 - The Connection Between Leadership a Real Estate with Catherine Cantey

What can real estate teach us about leadership? Catherine Cantey, a leadership coach and investor, shares her stories about fixing up properties, partnerships, and how things are changing in our pandemic world. Listen in to hear Catherine share how she shifted from corporate to independent work, and learn the biggest lesson she’s learned as a coach that can benefit parties on either side of the table.  Please subscribe to this podcast in iTunes or in the Podcasts App on your phone, and never miss a beat from Leigh by visiting https://leighbrown.com. If you’re tired of doing real estate alone, enroll in Leigh Brown University and be sure to use your special “CSIRE” discount code at checkout for $10 off your subscription. 01:00 - Introducing Catherine, a leadership coach who’s passionate about real estate 03:10 - She’s done “For Sale by Owner,” likes fixer-uppers, and shares her stories 08:00 - They’ve built a new house in Historic Camden, South Carolina 09:00 - She’s on a hospital board that is renovating an old plantation home; it’s going to be an assisted living campus with events, activities, suites for guests, etc 11:45 - Her leadership coaching 12:05 - This is her way to give back to help people navigate within corporations  12:55 - Real estate and Zoom environments  15:45 - People are having to scramble for adequate work environments at home or in their car now 17:25 - Her leadership program and shift from corporate to independent work 17:45 - The most important thing during the transition: Networking 18:30 - She uses a methodology that works, created space, and supports her community with newsletters 19:45 - She remains authentic and true to who she is; she loves simplicity 21:45 - Buying and selling houses and the connection to leadership 22:00 - Listen to other people and actively listen 23:15 - You can talk yourself out of opportunities 23:50 - By quiet and let people think; some people just need processing time 25:50 - How to contact Catherine: her website and LinkedIn 3 Key Points Fixer-uppers can test your marriage! Show up and do what you say you’re going to do. Listen!

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