Introducing: Real Survival Stories - Mountain Blizzard

Noiser presents a brand-new podcast. Real Survival Stories brings you astonishing tales of ordinary people thrust into extraordinary survival situations. In this taster episode, we’ll meet Mark Inglis the search & rescue mountaineer. It’s his job to save other people. But on a routine practice mission, he’ll find himself in deep trouble. Caught in a whiteout halfway up New Zealand’s highest peak, Mark and his colleague Phil take refuge in a tiny snow cave. But as the hours tick by into days, how long can they hunker down before their bodies, and minds, give out? Stay put and wait for help that might never come? Or take their chances in the fearsome snowstorm? If you enjoy this taster episode, search ‘Real Survival Stories’ in your podcast app and hit follow to get new episodes every Thursday. There are more epic tales live now and waiting for you. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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