TOUGH TALKS - E092 - Dino-Balls! with Laban Ditchburn

Wait until you hear this guy read you the first chapter of his new book, Bet On You!!! Drugs, booze, gambling, and ladies of the night. And that wasn't even close to his rock bottom.

Our remarkable guest today, Laban Ditchburn, was in the throes of darkness for a very long time. Once he decided to heal his body, he also healed his mind and soul and has since committed to inspiring people to show up BIG in their lives.

Laban refers to his work sometimes as teaching people to grow a pair - of Dino-Balls. Yes. It means what you think it does.

Laban lives courageously, without concern about whether or not folks take offense to him, committed only to serving them hugely by unapologetically taking complete ownership of your innate excellence.


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