Chris Williamson: Impending Threat of a Sexless Culture, Incels and Infertility

As the new year unfolds, do you feel more pressure to fully live your purpose? But what if your purpose remains unclear to you?

In this episode of the Align Podcast, I'm joined by Youtuber, Podcaster, and polymath Chris Williamson. He's the creator and host of "Modern Wisdom" where he interviews some of the brightest minds on the planet to explore different topics on human nature, philosophy, health, fitness, and many more.

Chris admits feeling like an outsider his whole life, which helped forge his exceptional perceptive qualities that led to his huge commercial success as a club promoter. But, for Chris, we're more than what we do. He goes on to discuss the key to finding your purpose, how to make sense of your suffering, and one of the most bewildering topics of all…modern dating. He explains why more men and women struggle to find a partner nowadays and how balancing the feminine and masculine energies can solve it.


What we discuss:

0:00 – Introduction to Chris Williamson

2:30 – How dogs can help you live longer

7:09 – Intrinsic focus Vs. Extrinsic focus

13:30 – Is there a cheat code to finding love?

17:30 – How to reframe your negative experiences

21:40 – Why curiosity is also a desire to be understood

32:00 – How to transcend your suffering

38:40 – Finding and questioning your purpose

42:00 – The most attractive quality in a person

46:00 – Is a high-agency partner good for you?

55:00 – On modern dating: Problematic relationship advice you need to rethink

1:02:00 – Balancing the feminine and masculine energies to solve the chaos of modern dating


Learn more from Chris Williamson:


Instagram: @chriswillx



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