Katy Bowman: The Movement Diet & Why It Matters

Did you know that your body needs movement as much as you need food?

In this episode of the Align Podcast, biomechanist and movement guru Katy Bowman explains what human movement truly means, why it affects your quality of life, and how to get yourself to move more often and effectively in a sedentary world that offers limitless reasons to sit on hours. 

What's really interesting to know is that it's not enough that you exercise or move your body once in a while; Katy says you should be moving in ways that optimize ALL parts of your body. Yes, there's actually a "dosage" of movement required for different body parts. It seems complex, but it's totally achievable if you introduce even small changes in your routine.

Whether you're working in front of the computer or glued to the TV screen, there are easy ways you can secure that daily dose of healthy movement. Learn more as Katy and I delve deep into that in this educational talk.

Aside from writing the best-selling "Move Your DNA" along with 7 other books, multi-awarded leader Katy Bowman teaches movement globally through her movement education company, Nutritious Movement. Her work has been featured in diverse media including The Today Show, CBC Radio One, The Seattle Times, and Good Housekeeping.  She’s one of the most influential thinkers whose work continues to amaze and inspire me.

What we discuss:

2:50 – What is movement, and how to know if you're "under moved"

8:00 – Pelvic Floor biomechanics, and the “movement dosage” your body parts need

13:40 – How to incorporate movement even if you’re just sitting

16:50 – Why you need to go out more often and look at things from a distance

24:00 – Katy’s book reco: The Wizard and the Prophet

36:15 – “The body is a renewable resource through movement.”

41:00 – Tensegrity beyond the skeletal system: How your perception of the world shapes your body and life

46:11 – How to be more active individuals in a sedentary world

49:00 – Movement as Nutrition: Why "Move Your DNA" is worth the read


Learn more from Katy Bowman:

Website: https://www.nutritiousmovement.com/

Instagram: @nutritiousmovement


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