Lebanon & Beyond with Rose Previte: sharing culture through food, bringing flavors back home, and international culinary adventures

Chef and restaurateur Rose Previte was raised in a food-loving, Sicilian-Lebanese family in Ohio, and grew up working for her mother’s Middle Eastern catering business. Her own first endeavor, Compass Rose, is a restaurant inspired by the extensive travel she did while living in Russia with her husband, who was posted there as a correspondent for NPR. Since then, Rose has opened a second critically acclaimed restaurant in DC called Maydan which earned a Michelin star in 2019.  In this episode, Rose and Esme discuss the ways that identity and culture are expressed through our cuisines, the amazing food-focused trip through North Africa and the Middle East Rose took with her Maydan team, and the experience of revisiting Lebanon with her twin aunts who, like many second-generation immigrants of their age from that part of the Middle East, were returning to their maternal homeland for the very first time. You can find Rose on Instagram @roseprevite and visit her restaurants Compass Rose and Maydan next time you’re in DC.   Learn more about Full-Time Travel by visiting fulltimetravel.co and follow us on Instagram @full_time_travel. Be sure to rate, review, and follow so that you don’t miss out on travel tips, inspiration, and your potential next adventure!    

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