7 Steps to Manifesting Results in 2022

Many of us practice the habit of making a new year’s resolution, often to change something, to achieve something, or build something. Our resolutions are pointed toward starting fresh and having a productive year ahead.

But some don’t get to fulfill this list. Some don’t get to make a significant change in their life because they often don’t develop the resolve to fulfill them. The goal is clear but the path to reach that goal is undefined and the intention to create that path isn’t set.  

In this episode, Jay Shetty talks about the steps to help you start these significant changes right away and achieve results that are truly life-changing.

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Key Takeaways:

  • 02:00 Setting your goals doesn’t mean you’ll get there
  • 05:19 Step #1: It all starts with, “What’s your goal?”
  • 09:00 Step #2: Why we need to monitor obsessively
  • 13:31 Step #3: There are four steps to change
  • 18:42 Step #4: Difference between efficiency and effectiveness
  • 22:07 Step #5: The balance between thinking and acting
  • 24:29 Step #6: Growth versus goals
  • 25:43 Step #7: The 3 L’s of a phenomenal year

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