Bye Woodward loop; Hello BonChon; Meet Noah's Smokehouse + more

Episode 900! W00t!

As we do on our Friday episodes, we open talking about our cocktail for the show. Jer has the Showshoe Grog, and Devon has a quintessentially Detroit drink, the Hummer (he prefers London Chop over the Bayview version; Jer disagrees).

03:42 We discuss the new Detroit Police Department stats for 2021. Some of it is a bit encouraging, especially around speeding and drifitng.

08:54 An opinionated discussion on the heels of learning that the Woodward Loop around Downtown Pontiac is going to be deleted. Here's the original article from earlier this week:

13:10 Jer went out to Michigan's first BonChon in Farmington Hills. What were his throughts?

15:56 Slow's gets Doordash in Westland and surrounding area. We talk about ghost kitchens, and that leads us into..... (original story:

17:27 Devon introduces us to Noah's Smokehouse in West Dearborn. No pork, but everything else. Looks tasty. 

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Thanks for listening! Next week on the show: Dylan Lemay, the ice cream TikTok star. Plus, we'll get into a new program for drinking water quality. And, the first two regular season opponents of Detroit City FC have been announced. Fletcher Sharpe will be on duty to help sort through what's ahead. 


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