An Apple a Day... - S4 E12 ‘Summer House’ Recap a After Show

When Hannah calls it quits with Luke, Paige and Amanda are thrilled to get their friend back, and Amanda really lays into Luke exposing his F-Boy tendencies in that he slept with another girl just a week ago. And a day trip to the apple orchard leaves a sour taste in everyone's mouth because Amanda confronts Luke and he leaves the group in a fit of anger. Jules and Carl spend two nights in the hot tub, and grow closer even having a very PG sleepover with only talking. And Hannah and Luke make up on the tennis court, and have a night of passion leaves them feeling satisfied (with the door open), but others feeling betrayed.Be sure to check out the After Show hosted by: Amir Yassai: Jane Johnsen: Trina Dong: Follow us on "Like" Us on For more After Shows for your favorite TV shows and the latest news in TV, Film, and exclusive celebrity interviews, visit

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