Narrowing Woodward, Retail rumor, Where should Robocop go? + 4 more things to know around Metro Detroit

Devon O'Reilly joins the podcast for his weekly segment, a day early — with Hot Toddys in hand.

On your Daily Detroit:

01:41 - Woodward in Ferndale and Pleasant ridge is narrowing to make the area more people-friendly. It's set off a ton of discussion online, but we foreshadowed this move last week. Crossing Woodward as a pedestrian is like crossing as many lanes as a freeway at Nine mile. But some people don't want to add 30 seconds to their commute. Background:

06:36 - The Under Armour store in downtown Detroit is closing. We talk about why Devon's not too worried about it; Jer spills some tea on a lead he has that retail on Woodward may get a new tenant. What kind? 

09:06 - Roast is closing permanently. We discuss the impact of the restaurant, but also how diners may have moved forward. Great Lakes Coffee in Midtown Detroit is closed temporarily due to COVID after employees went to the media to talk about how management is handling the situation. 

11:19 - SuperCrisp is opening on Cass just south of Woodward on the Wayne State campus. This could be a great fit as it's Japanese-American fast casual. The menu looks tasty.

12:58 - Eastern Market is getting a gourmet grocery story and Jewish deli

13:52 - The Detroit Historial Museum and the Charles H. Wright are gearing up for millage campaigns if a new law passes. But what's notable about mentioning this early? They don't plan to include Macomb County. Jer sees a growing rift between Macomb and the duo of Oakland and Wayne, and a way forward to get things done since Macomb as a whole doesn't always seem interested in playing ball. Not only did those organizations see it in their patron and supporter data, but we see it in ours. Background reading on the original story:

16:39 The Robocop statue is done! It left the artist's facility and you can go to Instagram to see the pictures. But unanswered.. where should it go? We throw out a couple ideas. What are yours? dailydetroit - at- gmail - dot - com. Or leave a voicemail. 313-789-3211 

Here are photos:

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