Katie Rodgers (@katierodgers) on the importance of experimentation and evolving with your craft

Katie Rodgers (@katierodgers) is an artist who left New York in early 2020 (before COVID) after over a decade in the Big Apple. She had found incredible success in Manhattan and had built a great business and massive following, but something was missing. Katie had hit a point where she was not feeling inspired, so she went looking for inspiration.She found it in New Mexico where she has lived a very different life, still creating, but also working on a farm and getting involved in the local community. In this episode of influencer business, Katie shares her journey to rekindling the magic of creating art and how it took an unconventional approach to get there.For more on Katie:@KatieRodgers (IG)KatieRodgers.co (Web)For more about Trove:@trovebusinesswww.trovebusiness.com

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