Step #5 | COMMUNICATION [Home Design: 5 Steps Before You Begin]

Hello! This is the fifth and last mini-sode in our super special series titled “Home Design: 5 Steps Before You Begin”. This mini-sode is called “COMMUNICATION”.    These short and super actionable episodes will help you with the 5 steps you need to take BEFORE you begin your home design.    Be sure to download a free PDF transcript of this and the other four mini-sodes that are part of this series by heading to You’ll also be able to access some additional resources and helpful links for your home design that I’ve included there.   Plus, I’m hosting a free live online workshop later this month. In it, I’ll be sharing the 4 factors that can make or break your project. This free workshop is a fantastic way to learn about the key things to focus on that will help you make your project a success, and the home you create one that works for you and your family.    So, if you’re listening to this podcast at or near it’s time of release, then be sure to head to to join me, and learn loads to help you get it right in your reno or new home. I’d love to see you there.   Let’s dive in. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS PODCAST: For links and resources mentioned in this podcast, plus a full transcript of this as well as the other four mini-sodes that are part of this series, head to >>>   Join me for my free online workshop “4 Factors to Make or Break Your Project” happening February 2022 >>>   Access the support and guidance you need to be confident and empowered when renovating and building your family home inside my flagship online program >>>   See for privacy information.

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