Artists’ monuments, the €471m Caravaggio villa auction flop, Michael Armitage on Sane Wadu

This week, our contemporary art correspondent Louisa Buck visits the exhibition Testament at Goldsmiths CCA in London, where 47 artists have been invited to make proposals that ponder the idea of tearing down and erecting monuments and what it might mean to rethink them. Louisa talks to Sarah McCrory, the director of Goldsmiths CCA, and to Adham Faramawy, one of the artists in the show. In Rome, a villa with ceiling paintings by Caravaggio and Guercino with a price tag of €471m failed to attract any bids. The Art Newspaper’s founder Anna Somers Cocks, who’s based in Turin, tells us why. And in this episode’s Work of the Week, the artist Michael Armitage tells us about Sane Wadu’s painting Black Moses (1993), a work in Wadu’s retrospective at the Nairobi Contemporary Art Institute in Kenya, co-founded by Armitage, which opened last week.

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