Episode 75: Is Drinking Holding You Back from Loving Yourself + Others? Real Talk with Stephanie Churma from The Good Love Company

I'm chatting with Stephanie Churma from The Good Love Company today about the role alcohol plays in our lives as women, especially when it comes to loving ourselves and others. If you've ever found yourself chugging a few glasses of wine before a date, or feeling like you wine or cocktails have become the "new norm" in your life and it's just no longer serving you, then you're going to want to tune into this powerful conversation. PLUS, we're both sharing some really personal never-before-told moments around our relationship with booze and how we broke our own cycles.

About Stephanie:
Stephanie Churma is the owner and founder of The Good Love Company; a movement for better romantic love that starts with self. A former dating disaster turned Spiritual Relationship Coach, Stephanie blends the psychology of behaviour with universal energy laws to help her clients shift their vibration, and call in their own Good Love. Her mission is to change the scope of modern dating and romantic love by using the power of connection and vulnerability with the magic of pattern interruption. Her clients see massive success in just months of working together, and she is currently building her movement with speaking gigs and podcasts, and is currently writing her first book.
Connect with Stephanie here:
Ig: @thegoodloveco
Fb group: Good Love Co 
Podcast: The Good Love Company

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