MI101: The Business of Sports w/ Dan Soviero


  • 6:38 - Things to consider when deciding to drop out of college 
  • 13:37 - What the NLL is and how it’s different from the MLL and PLL, which have now merged
  • 17:46 - How to form a relationship with the NLL and other professional leagues to become the official ball
  • 25:07 - What it means from a business perspective to be the exclusive provider or official ball of a sports league and what the strategy and goal are with a relationship like this
  • 26:47 - How Signature Lacrosse competes in a competitive industry and what makes them different from other lacrosse equipment companies
  • 31:22 - If hiring athletes and ex-athletes is the best employment strategy
  • 32:28 - Why choosing to do equity crowdfunding is a good source for raising capital 
  • 41:43 - What Dan’s long-term goal with Signature Lacrosse is 
  • 44:41 - The habits or principles Dan has incorporated into his life that have lead to his success
  • And much, much more!

*Disclaimer: Slight timestamp discrepancies may occur due to podcast platform differences.


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