MI099: Deep Dive into Stock Exchanges and Nasdaq w/ Kevin Kennedy


  • 20:00 - How technology has had an impact on the markets and the rise of retail investors 
  • 23:15 - How retail investors’ access to the markets changed how they function outside of fiscal and monetary policy 
  • 25:25 - How to study markets today and if there’s a fundamental shift that makes this time truly “different” 
  • 28:59 - The recent growth in the options space and where Kevin sees it coming from 
  • 30:48 - Whether fiscal and monetary policy or retail investors’ access to capital markets has a bigger impact on capital markets 
  • 31:31 - If the current growth in options trading is sustainable and if there is going to be a point where this can potentially crumble and backfire on speculative options traders 
  • 37:35 - The different options exchanges the Nasdaq has and why six exchanges are necessary 
  • 45:26 - Where the Nasdaq and the worlds of crypto and options collide 
  • 47:19 - The future of capital markets and whether or not crypto will be part of it 
  • 50:43 - Lessons Kevin learned as a trader and what major mistakes he made 


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