Options Bootcamp 4: Selling Options

Options Bootcamp 4: Selling Options

Basic Training: Turning to the dark side! It's time to learn how to sell options. Why sell options? Time decay and theta. Collecting theta, instead of paying theta, turning an enemy into a powerful ally.


The Naked Call
The Naked Short Put

Options Drills: The Covered Call

Roll Call: Mark and Dan sit down with this Zecco Trading's President Michael Feser, to discuss Zecco in 2012. Given the difficulty for new retail traders in the last year, what can we see now, a full quarter into the new year? What issues may investors need to be cognizant of before coming into the market this year? Explaining the success of Zecco Share.

Mail Call: Facebook questions from the Zecco community.
From Chad: What is the difference between a married put and a covered call?
From Austin: I have an IRA account which is approved for basic options strategies. My investment objective is to preserve capital and generate additional income while remaining risk adverse. What basic strategies can I use in this situation?

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