Nodes of Design#82: Industrial design by Charles L Mauro, CHFP

Charles L. Mauro CHFP is president and Founder of MAURO Usability Science (MUS), a New York-based consulting firm founded in 1975. Mr. Mauro is a Certified Human Factors Engineering Professional BCPE. Mr. Mauro has personally managed over 4,000 research and development projects over his 40-year career as a leading expert in human factors engineering, product design, and design research. His clients include Nike, Dyson, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, Merck, Amazon, Facebook, and industries covering high technology, medical/pharmaceutical, financial, heavy industrial, consumer, government/DOD, and startups.

Received numerous citations for design and design research, including The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA), which has given its highest recognition, the Personal Achievement Award to Charles L. Mauro CHFP. Historically, the Award has been given to leading design luminaries, including Sir Jonathan Ive of Apple, Raymond Loewy, Henry Dreyfuss, and others.

Mr. Mauro is a frequent speaker at international conferences, leading academic institutions, and government agencies, including MIT, Stanford, UPenn, The FDA, USPTO, NASA, and legal conferences on a global basis.

In this episode, Mr. Mauro shared great insights into Industrial Design and human factors sciences; we discussed how ergonomics and human factors science play a significant role in industrial design. In addition, he shared his great learnings while working with Raymond Loewy.

We then discussed how designers could use data to design sustainable products and shared his experience creating the solution for NYSE. In the latter part, we discussed Design IPs, IP fundamentals, and how IP helps designers.

Takeaways- What is Industrial design? How to design sustainable products? Does design have an enormous impact on metaverse?

Resources mentioned in the show by Charles L. Mauro

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