The New Role of the Provider – a Conversation with Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, Pediatrician, Author and Industry Thought-leader

The impact of coronavirus has forced significant change to many parts of the healthcare industry. But perhaps most profoundly is the impact on providers. From navigating how best to provide virtual consults, to facing the impact that the economic fallout will have on their practice, it’s clear the role of the physician is undergoing radical change. Are physicians well suited to navigate through the current crisis to whatever the “new normal” will be? I speak with Dr. Bryan Vartabedian, a pediatrician at Baylor College of Medicine / Texas Children’s Hospital whose work covers the intersection of medicine, technology, and culture. Considered one of health care’s influential voices and writers, he thinks about how technology is changing the way we care for and engage with patients.  Listen in as we discuss the future role of the provider in a post-COVID19 world. Show Notes: ·     Dr. Bryan Vartabedian on LinkedIn ·     Dr. Bryan Vartabedian on Twitter · ·     The Exam Room podcast featuring Dr. Bryan Vartabedian

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