Winning Habits and Routines; Mads Friis

Mads Friis is the founder of the Growth Island podcast on health, performance, business, and life's bigger mysteries, covering more than 90 episodes with global experts. One of his biggest passions is building health-related impact ventures and during the past years, he has co-built 3 successful startups with KRING. With his background in management consulting experience from Deloitte and his own experience from startups, Mads started actively training startups and worked with +150 global teams. Playing sports at a high level and discovering many studies on personal growth and performance led Mads into a continuous research journey. He found that many resources focus 80% on the problems and only 20% on the solutions. Now he is on the mission to flip this statistic around to help more people. Join us to talk about Winning Habits and Routines to benefit your business.

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  • There has been a huge impact in regards to becoming aware of my emotions.
  • I try to look at myself from higher up, looking down into myself and to ask what's going on right now?
  • That gives us the ability to actually control the emotions and act in a fruitful way, instead of letting your emotions take over.
Thoughts on Breathing
  • Breathing is life changing and is the thing that centers me the fastest
  • I learned the breathing method to breathe all the way down your diaphragm and your stomach.
  • Then on the breath out, you do a humming sound like, ummm. You try and get as deep down in your chest as possible for as long as possible.
  • If you do four of those breaths, you'll feel a significant change in your body.
Suggested Resources Bullying Story
  • When you're on social media and you get all of these bad messengers, it can be absolutely horrible.
  • If you try to do something or create something, the more successful you become, the more nasty stuff people will write.
  • I think the best thing is really to breathe, relax, and consider what is your purpose. Then accept that people who write these negative messages are in a very bad place.
  • If you can be mindful and just breathe, I think that is extremely important.
  • The human brain is not wired for us to be happy. It's wired for us for survive. So we see the negative much more than the positive.
  • I can have nine positive comments, but it's still that one negative that my brain focuses on. And that's where mindfulness comes in. It helps me see what's actually important.
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