Alberta and Ottawa: It’s complicated

It’s rarely an easy ride with the Alberta-Ottawa relationship, and this rollercoaster week was no different. Starting with Alberta playing the sovereignty act card for the first time, then hugging it out over a big announcement … it may result soon in more fireworks over the emissions cap. The House breaks down what it all means for the federation. Then, a man who once advised former prime minister Stephen Harper on his approach to criminal justice talks about his about-face on the toxic drug crisis. Plus, the former head of this country’s spy agency breaks down the significance of a U.S. indictment alleging India is linked to multiple assassination plots — including three targets in Canada. This episode features interviews with: - Randy Boissonnault, Employment minister and Liberal MP - Tonda MacCharles, Toronto Star Ottawa bureau chief - Stuart Thomson, National Post Ottawa bureau chief - Benjamin Perrin, author and former Conservative adviser - Alex Panetta, CBC Washington correspondent - Dick Fadden, former head of CSIS

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