The PANDEMIC Podcast with Judson - Episode 92 - The (Late) Christmas Edition

DO NOT TAKE THE COVID-19 SHOT. Judson has a conversation with Jeanne (aka Wildheart from Episode 18) and Mary Silvergirl in Anderson, South Carolina with more about the dangers of the jab, mandates, and the fear factor. Just why are people still getting this shot? It doesn’t appear to be stopping COVID-19. What was Judson's pandemic strategy? Things are not as they appear to be, and sobering words from an ex-CIA agent regarding fascism. A medical doctor believes that the vaccinated will be lucky to live another five years, and sees the jab as a dangerous cull. Why are people so brainwashed to take it if it does not do what it claims to do? Wildheart says does God need to put up a sign that says "DO NOT TAKE THE SHOT because it's Satanists." Here is a website mentioned in the Episode for detoxing from the shot: (This is for your reference, the effectiveness cannot be verified by the Pandemic Podcast, but read with your own brain.)

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