The Fairer Cents: Women, Money and the Fight to Get Equal

“The best podcast for women” — The Balance | “A must listen podcast for anyone who is ready to change the status quo” — Forbes | The Fairer Cents is an educational finance and career podcast all about the different economic realities facing women, people of color and other marginalized groups. Hosted by Tanja Hester, author of Work Optional, Spend Like You Give a Sh*t, and the Our Next Life early retirement blog, and Kara Perez, founder of women's financial literacy startup Bravely, The Fairer Cents tackles sticky money and financial issues like the wage and wealth gap, the economics of motherhood, emotional labor, women's ambition, why we need financial feminism, the roots of economic inequality and more. We don't shy away from hard conversations, but we do it all with laughter, and always with a focus on what action you can take in your own life. That's why we've been recommended by US News, Forbes, Essence, The Balance, Mic, Evening Standard and many more. Subscribe now.

by Tanja Hester a Kara Perez - 48 episodes

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