Agile Digital Business

Exploring ways for a business to be agile as it listens and responds to its team and customers... Host of Agile Digital Business is Vickie Maris - author, speaker, certified trainer / Authorized Partner - Everything DiSC® & The Five Behaviors®. She and her guests provide insights and ideas for personal and team development. You'll also hear insights on social media engagement, preparation for customers' uses of voice search and other steps to help you ready your teams and business for the future. In her over 30 years in corporate and in continuing education, she has led several successful teams and has run a successful music and farm business. One of her design and marketing teams launched and maintained the online, Lean Six Sigma and Project Management short course series at Purdue University.

by Vickie Maris, speaker, Everything DiSC Authorized Partner / Trainer - 37 episodes

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