The Bipolar Now Podcast

Bipolar is a tricky mental illness to out-smart. Maybe this is you: “I want to gain control over my disorder so that it stops steering me in the wrong directions! How do I get started? What should I do?” These are just some of the big questions Mike Lardi, online coach and bipolar strategist, tackles on a weekly basis in The Bipolar Now Podcast. Through powerful teachings, vivid stories, and mini lifestyle trainings, Mike has designed each episode so that you can take immediate action on the most important elements of masterfully managing this difficult and painful disease. Mike’s specialty is getting right to the core of every issue, because he’s been there with you. Need to get working again? Have better family support? Start a business or go back to school? Discover why real life owners of this disorder turn to Mike for the “real deal” results they’re looking for to build a life they can be proud of.