Memory Health Made Easy

David Norris, therapist and founder of Memory Health Made Easy shares brain health tips and strategies so you can reduce your risk for memory loss. Explore with guests the latest brain health strategies, evidence and tools for improving and sustaining memory health fitness for life. A big goal but a worthy one. David’s mission is to serve as many people as he can to STOP avoidable memory loss. You can expect interviews, case studies and presentations about brain health - Foods, - Exercise, - Sleep, - Medication, - Health Factors, - Mindset, - Brain Training, - Neuroplasticity, - Nutrition and Supplements, - Social Matters, - Stress, plus more on what works, and what doesn’t work. We want to for you to take control of your memory health so you can choose to do what matters in your life, on your own terms. Be it a new adventure or remaining comfortable in your own home. Memory Health needn’t be complicated, so let’s get clear on what you can do about it. Join in, subscribe to the show and discover what is good for brain health and what you can do to stop your risks for memory loss, today. A serious topic but made fun. Be Inspired, Learn and Connect with experts and other people’s experiences to help you - so your brain span can match your lifespan.

by David Norris - 22 episodes

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