Pharmacy Podcast Network

In March of 2009, Todd S. Eury, launched the Pharmacy Podcast. Over the years, the Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN) has accumulated over 140,000+ listeners and is the most popular and downloaded podcast about the Pharmacy Industry. The PPN is proud to have some of the most influential hosts and guests building interviews about important topics in Pharmacy. The PPN is a Digital Health Publication and Content Developing partner to the Pharmaceutical industry focusing on Specialty medications, pharmacy business supportive technologies, and industry trends. The PPN is the world’s largest network of podcasts dedicated to the pharmacy professional and industry insiders leading with our hosts interviewing dynamic people in the pharmacy industry making a difference for our profession, customers, and patients. Pharmacists are the HUB of Healthcare, the PPN is the Pharmacist’s biggest fan.  The PPN is a strategic media division within FINN Partners.

by Todd Eury - 3375 episodes

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